Sir – All your correspondents about Transform Oxford (November 13) make excellent points. But, alas, there is no chance that any UK Government will allow Oxford to build a tram network.

A good (though far from ideal) compromise would be to bring back buses and taxis in Cornmarket.

We could then have a one-way clockwise loop, for buses, taxis, and restricted deliveries, along Cornmarket, St Aldates, Speedwell Street, New Road, and George Street. This would flow smoothly.

The bus companies could, therefore, join together many of the services which now terminate in the centre. For example, they could re-instate a link between Summertown and Headington. This could significantly reduce the number of buses using the loop.

It would also become possible to remove the buses from Queen Street and Magdalen Street East (by making Magdalen Street West two-way again).

Nicholas Lawrence, Oxford