A WITNEY man is seeing an opportunity in the current economic downturn and depression in the housing market.

Chris Gardener has launched a new website-based service, move2you, which allows homeowners to see if there’s any demand for their home before they take the step of putting it on the market.

It came on line this month, and, whilst it is aimed at the whole country, he has chosen to focus initially on the Witney area.

Mr Gardener, of The Crescent, Witney, said he had built on the idea he had a year ago.

He said: “I was looking to move house and realised that in a buoyant market, I needed a way of being alerted to which properties were going to come on to the market before they actually did,” he said.

“Of course, the market has completely changed now, and it is sellers that need the help.

“Sellers want to find out if there is a real demand out there before spending money on a HIP and committing to estate agent fees.Homeowners need all the help they can get now.”

The site works by analysing and matching buyers’ interests.

Homeowners can see the demand for their property free, though a fee is charged for setting up contacts – the same principle that launched the Friends Reunited website. There is also a charity bonus, with 10p donated to Helen and Douglas House hospice, Oxford, for every new online registration.

The site’s address is move2you.co.uk