WITNEY has its own Winter Princess, 11-year-old Amber Tarrant, who will be sharing the spotlight with Father Christmas and the Witney MP and Conservative Party leader, David Cameron.

The pupil at Madley Brook primary school was last week fitted out in her resplendent costume in rehearsal for her big moment, when she leads a parade through the town and switches on the Christmas lights.

She is the fourth Winter Princess, chosen each year from a different primary school in the town.

Each one has had a different costume, made by former town mayor Chrissie Curry, who says she enjoys getting on her sewing machine to make something special.

She said: “This one is a completely different design. Amber has long fair hair, so we’re going for a Renaissance look.”

Amber is a very sporty princess.

She says her hobbies include freestyle dance, synchronised swimming, and karate, and she is also a member of the school football, athletics, and hockey clubs.

The Christmas fair is on November 28, between 5pm and 7pm, in the town centre.

Mr Cameron will be there to share with Amber in the switching on of the lights.

Meanwhile, Witney Town Council is putting up a gallery of pictures of all four Winter Princesses in the town hall lobby in the run-up to the festive season.