Diesel made from used frying oil will go on sale at an Oxford recycling charity on Saturday.

Orinoco, based at Bullingdon Community Centre, in Peat Moors, Headington, will become the second Oxford charity to distribute Goldenfuels’s biodiesel.

Orinoco, an organisation that stocks a number of unwanted items like paint and tools from commercial companies and sells it to the public at cheaper-than-trade prices, has also started running its “Scrapmobile” van on the fuel.

Goldenfuels, a workers’ co-operative which collects used rapeseed and soya oil from commercial kitchens within 50 miles of Oxford, churns out up to 10,000 litres of biodiesel a week from its refining centre in Fyfield Wick, near Abingdon.

Its fuel, which undercuts the price of mineral diesel at £1 a litre, had previously only been available to callers at Restore, a mental-health charity in Manzil Way, East Oxford, between 10am and 4pm on weekdays.

John Stacey, a volunteer at Orinoco, said: “It’s very exciting for us. It’s all about something you can re-use, and this biodiesel fits in with that. I hope it proves popular, but if not we are still going to use it in our van.

“That’s the great thing about biodiesel, you don’t need to do anything to your engine so we have been able to put it straight in the van.

“Restore is still very much a part of the whole thing, and they are doing a fantastic job, but we are the icing on the cake, making it more available.”

Orinoco began in 1993 and has been at its current premises since 2000.

Howie Watkins, who presented children’s television programme The Really Wild Show for seven years, took over as director in 2006. He said he was delighted to be stocking the biodiesel and is pleased with the increasing popularity of Orinoco.

Mr Watkins added: “What is important to us, in times of credit crunch or just ordinary times, is that you can still afford to buy stuff that allows you to have creative fun with your friends or your kids.

Both Restore and Orinoco receive about 10p for every litre of fuel sold.

Dan Carter, co-founder of Goldenfuels, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic that we are working with another local charity. The availability of the biodiesel on a Saturday will also make a huge difference.”