Saturday morning saw the first open water swim session at Cassington gravel pit. It's organised by Oxford Tri Club and it was great to see some familiar faces splashing about.
That first dip is a bit shocking. As warm as the air felt at 8.30am, at 15C the water felt cold as it seeped through the wetsuit zip.
But you soon warm up and it is a great feeling to be ploughing through the water in the sunshine.
Pools can be a bit claustrophobic at times what with all that turning every 25 metres (where are the 50 metre pools in this silly country?) so it's great just to be able to swim without stopping.
If anyone out there has entered the Blenheim Tri and wants to have a go the log on to the Oxford Tri Club website where you can sign up to beginners' sessions.
Blenheim is a great event for spectators, especially if the weather stays remotely similar to this. To buy spectators tickets click here