Well well, with less than three months to go until the Blenheim triathlon I had what is formally known as a shocker yesterday at the OX5 run at Blenheim.
I had a cold all week and didn't feel too good on any training run but on Sunday thought (fatally): "I feel loads better".
At the end of mile one, with my watch registering just 6 minutes 22 seconds, my positive attitude seemed to be correct.
But before I reached the second mile marker I had slowed to a gentle jog and was a wheezing like an OAP in a sauna.
My humiliation did not end there. After a couple of miles of jogging I started to feel ok and saw a colleague of mine about 50m in front of me and thought that if nothing else, I could overtake him. But after five minutes of hard running - and in sight of the finishing post (and the attending audience) - I had to pull over and vomit profusely.
It has shown me one thing though. It doesn't matter how hard you train, if you feel like poo you can't run well!