After another night of broken sleep with a baby who sounds like Mike Reid, we put her in the car this morning and took her to see the pharmacist at the nearby super-Boots.
She coughed all the way there but was, of course, all smiles by the time we reached the man in the white coat.
Told him everything we'd tried to ease her congestion (cot up on books, steaming her in the bathroom, eye of newt etc) and was told it was all pretty useless and to take her back to the doc. Apparently, all the linctus in the world can't shift catarrh - only steroids or antiobiotics, and that's what she needs.
Himself is preparing himself for a third time lucky visit to the GPs tomorrow and intends to 'demand' he do something - So could be blacklisted from every Doc's surgery in Oxon by mid-morning!!
Hopefully will get some results though.
Oh yeah, bought Littl'un a seat for the bath today - she now refuses to lie in the water and wants to sit up. Will don fisherman's galoshes and wellies and try it out tomorrow night.