For tennis players everywhere, the changing of the clocks this Saturday heralds the start of the summer season, and a chance to dust down the racket and get out after work and have a hit.
But why don't we have British Summer Time for a bit longer?
Of course, those up in Stornoway, in the very far north of Scotland, complain that it's no good having BST all year long. If they did that, then in midwinter they wouldn't see the sun.
From my experience in Glasgow in November, they don't anyway.
I's rubbish to say that farmers would be up in arms about it because it would affect their milking or harvesting timetables. Farmers work by the sun anyway, not by the clocks.
In the States this year, for the first time, they have extended Summer Time by about a month, and put the clocks went forward at the start of March, rather than at the end of it. They will also go back a week into November, rather than at the end of October.
The effects? Increased productivity, fewer deaths on the road and everyone feeling a lot happier.
Do we really need blazing sunshine at 6.30am in the middle of March. I'm in bed then, along with most sane people.