THEY seek him here. They seek him there.
In Newsquest Towers & Newsquest Square.
It will make or break him if he's got no drivel to read
Cos he's a dedicated follower of blogs.
Oh yes he is . . . Oh yes he is . . .
What's this version of the classic Dedicated Follower of Fashion got to do with horse racing, I here you ask? Well it runs out that you're not the silly bloggers after all, but I'm the silly blogger. You lot are blogees, I'm reliably informed.
This only came to light after last week's blog – which although widely applauded in most quarters – didn't appear to go down so well in others.
In fact, the Blogmeister got to work and chopped one section out. Whatever happened to Freedom Of Speech? One of my colleagues felt this was most unjust and suggested the setting up of the National Union of Bloggers (NUB).
Anyway back to horse racing, and last weekend I ventured on a coach trip to Newbury.
Unfortunately, two of my fellow racegoers weren't dedicated followers of fashion, and having turned up in jeans, were refused admission to the Premier Enclosure and had to leg it to Newbury town centre to buy a pair of trousers each.
Suitably attired they returned to the course, and proceeded to pay for their new trousers by backing a string of winners.
Unfortunately, I didn't have such luck. Capitalise didn't in the first. Iznogoud was no good in the second, and More Likely proved most unlikely in the next.
Knockara Luck was out of luck, before Special Envoy finally recouped some losses at 7-4 in the fifth.
The day's each-way nap, Just Beth, finished fifth at Bangor. Back at Newbury Pardishar can come only fourth and Nom De Guerre is unplaced in the last. Back on the coach, everyone seems to have won but me . . .
By the way Dedicated Follower of Fashion was a much better tune than all this modern-day house, garage and shed music you get nowadays. Go out and buy it and put it in the hit parade again.
One more time – They seek him here. They seek him there. He's a dedicated follower of blogs . . . Oh yes he is . . . Oh yes he is . . .

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