Oxford has been named as one of the best cities in the UK for university students.

A new study conducted by accommodation provider, Now Students has ranked every UK city with a university campus.

The research has been based on the average price of a beer, average standard taxi fare, safety index score, monthly cost of groceries, and academic ranking of the institution.

Oxford ranks sixth in the top 10 list having the second-best academic institution in the country and a respectable safety score.

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However, the city was let down by its relatively high food, taxi, and beer costs which decreased its overall score in the study.

Elsewhere Bath ranked at number one, boasting one of the highest safety index scores, a top 10 university and comparatively low prices for taxis and beers.

Nearby Cambridge came second in the list after ranking top of the academic league table but missed out on the top spot due to higher monthly grocery costs, lower safety rating, and higher prices for beer and a taxi.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Now Students said: “This research has certainly provided some interesting findings, particularly seeing how the average prices for groceries, beers, and taxis vary quite significantly across UK cities.

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“We hope this study provides those going into higher education this September with some insights about the cities where their perspective universities are located and potentially help with any decision they may have to make about which to choose.”

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