THE housemate of a suspected ‘murder victim’ told a jury he didn’t hear anything the night of his death.

David Bigmore was giving evidence at Oxford Crown Court where Janaed Akhtar is standing charged with murder after allegedly attacking Neil Comins in their shared home in Cope Road, Banbury, on Wednesday, January 3.

It is alleged the 40-year-old had hit Mr Comins, 39, with a baseball bat, causing him to die from a traumatic brain injury.

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However, Akhtar has denied the offence, stating his two other housemates were involved.

The defendant has also been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice due to these allegations.

During the trial on Tuesday (July 9), Mr Bigmore said he didn’t hear anything the night of January 3.

“I suffer from tinnitus in my right ear,” he said. “It was asleep on my left ear which makes hearing anything impossible.”

Mr Bigmore was asked about his thoughts on all of his housemates ahead of the incident.

Speaking about Mr Comins, he said: “Well, we were living in the same house and I got to know his name but I didn’t know him a great deal.

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“Sometimes he’s had to borrow some tobacco and I’d oblige and sometimes we talked about football.”

When asked about Akhtar, he said: “I’ve never seen him before in my life. [We were] civil.

"There was no need to know the ins and outs. There was never a cross word.”

A third housemate was living in Cope Road, Colin Pierre, who Mr Bigmore said he ‘didn’t really talk to’ but they had ‘acknowledged each other civilly’.

On the day of the incident, Mr Bigmore said that he and Mr Comins had walked into Banbury town centre together to ‘source drugs’ which they had then taken together in the early afternoon.

He said the last time he spoke and saw Mr Comins was sometime before 8.30pm when he went to the chip shop.

“I think it would have been the last conversation,” he said.

“I was on the way out of the house and he was on his way up to his room and I said, ‘Are you going to come to the chip shop with me?’ and he said he wasn’t and I left it at that.”

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Mr Bigmore told the jury he then bought the chips, headed back to the house and went into his room before falling asleep.

He laughed when the prosecution reminded him he had then been arrested at 4am.

He was held for 65 hours before being released without charge.

The trial continues.