A TAEKWONDO instructor is on trial accused of stalking his ex-partner in Oxford.

Christopher Dudman, of Papist Way, Cholsey, is on trial at Oxford Crown Court this week charged with one count of stalking.

It is alleged that between April 16 and July 18, 2022, the 24-year-old stalked his former girlfriend including reportedly crying in his car outside her hour for an hour and calling her multiple times in a short period of time.

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However, the martial arts instructor has denied the charge.

Giving evidence from the stand on Wednesday (July 3), Dudman’s former girlfriend she felt ‘uncomfortable’ with the defendant.

His barrister Peter Du Feu, in cross-examination, asked the girl about an incident where Dudman had allegedly gone out of his way to attend a home improvement store closer to her.

She had alleged that Dudman had used a ‘find my friend’s location’ feature on Snapchat.

Mr Du Feu said: “I think what the sense is from you is that Chris has deliberately come to find you and was being unkind and unpleasant.”

The girl said she couldn’t remember.

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He continued: “You’re aware there is a Wickes [store] in Botley. So can I suggest that what happens was Chris was at Wickes buying building materials and he saw you there?”

The complainant responded: “It’s quite a distance from him to come just because there are more places he could have bought that stuff from closer to him than coming all the way to Botley.”

Dudman’s barrister asked the complainant if she was aware Dudman had been at the Botley store two days prior to buy material for a building project with his dad.

She said no.

“Can I suggest it was perhaps an unfortunate coincidence,” he said. The girl responded: “No, I don’t think so.”

The jury heard that the complainant had blocked Dudman on various social media apps but he had still left her 27 calls in a short period time.

When asked why she had not blocked his phone number, she said: “Because there was a period [of time] where we got back into contact…I thought maybe I could try again…but that’s when I decided I was going to fully end it.”

She admitted the pair had met up during the indictment period to go to the cinema together and had taken a selfie.

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Mr Du Feu also asked the complainant if she had purposely tried to ‘wind up’ Dudman by sitting closely to a male friend who he had suspected she had a romantic relationship with.

She said: “No, that’s not correct.”

The trial continues.