EastEnders will face schedule and channel changes again this week with the BBC's coverage of the 2024 UEFA European Football Championships (Euro 2024) continuing to cause disruptions.

Euro 2024 kicked off earlier this month (June 14) in Germany, and coverage of the tournament on the BBC and ITV has already caused significant TV schedule reshuffles by both broadcasters.

EastEnders was forced over to BBC Two last week due to coverage of the Euros and is set to undergo further schedule changes this week including a change in night.

So for those hoping to catch all the drama from Albert Street this week, here is when to tune into the BBC to watch EastEnders amid all the ongoing Euro 2024 action.

When is EastEnders on this week?

The EastEnders schedule for this week is:

  • Tuesday (June 25) - 7.30pm to 8pm on BBC Two
  • Wednesday (June 26) - 7.30pm to 8pm on BBC Two
  • Thursday (June 27) - 7.30pm to 8pm on BBC One
  • Friday (June 28) - 7pm to 7.30pm on BBC One

Despite the TV schedule change, you can still watch each episode on BBC iPlayer from 6am, Monday to Thursday like normal.


Why is EastEnders not on tonight (Monday, June 24)?

EastEnders will not appear on TV tonight (Monday, June 24) due to coverage of the Euro 2024 group B match between Croatia and Italy being aired on BBC One instead.

That match will air on BBC One and BBC Two at 7.30pm on Monday (scheduled to conclude at 10.10pm), the time EastEnders would usually start.

The soap will then air on BBC Two on Tuesday (June 25) and Wednesday (June 26) before returning to BBC One on Thursday (June 27) and Friday (June 28).