The incumbent MP for Oxford East has criticised controversial LTNs (low traffic neighbourhoods) in the city saying their continued rollout will "worsen congestion".

Labour candidate Anneliese Dodds, who has represented the constituency for the last seven years, spoke out with her concerns about the traffic measures while other candidates have also voiced their disapproval.

LTN in east Oxford.LTN in east Oxford. (Image: Ed Nix.)

LTNs were introduced in May 2022 in Cowley and east Oxford with the aim of making streets safer but have since proved controversial and blamed for increasing congestion.

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Ms Dodds said: "I understand why some residents are in favour of LTNs, due to their impact on producing quieter streets in the areas where they are introduced.

"This has made cycling and walking safer in some areas and preventing 'rat running'.

"However, my concern from the beginning of the roll-out of the LTNs is that they are a ‘stick’ which has been introduced without any ‘carrot’ or enabler of green transport, and that this has had negative impacts on those who are unable to cycle or walk to work, to use essential public services or to visit family.

Anneliese Dodds.Anneliese Dodds. (Image: Newsquest.)

"In addition, I have been concerned about LTNs’ ability to displace traffic onto arterial roads, alongside other contributors like the closure of Botley Road, increasing commuting into the city and increased numbers of delivery vehicles.

"I have written to the county council and the Government repeatedly, pushing these issues.

"I made it clear that continuing with the roll-out of LTNs before bus prioritisation would worsen congestion, further negatively impact bus uptake, and increase division around active travel and public transport measures in Oxford’s communities.

"I have also made these points in Parliament.

"If we are to tackle the climate crisis, we have to ensure that everyone- including people on our council estates and on low incomes - can get from A to B and travel in a cleaner, greener way."

Oxford city centre.Oxford city centre. (Image: Ed Nix.) Ms Dodds was previously contacted when we reached out to all Oxford East candidates for their thoughts on traffic measures in the city.

An Oxfordshire County Council spokesman said: "At Oxfordshire County Council we want public transport, walking and cycling to be genuine options for getting around the county.

"LTNs are intended to make residential streets safer and more comfortable for walking, wheeling, and cycling. They are designed to work with other measures to make travel easier in Oxford.

“We continue to monitor the LTNs and evaluate their impact and we will continue to work closely with residents, businesses and other organisations while developing projects in line with the aims set out in our local transport and connectivity plan.”

Anneliese Dodds.Anneliese Dodds. (Image: n/a)

The General Election will be held on July 4.

The full list of candidates for the Oxford East seat are: Sushila Dhall - Green Party; Anneliese Dodds - Labour and Co-operative Party; Brandon Luke French - Workers Revolutionary Party; David Henwood - Independent Oxford Alliance; Theo Jupp - Liberal Democrat; Katherine Mary Longthorp - Party of Women ; Zaid Marham - Workers Party; Jabu Nala-Hartley - Independent; Louise Brown - The Conservative Party; Amir Steve Ali - Independent; Benjamin Adams - Social Democratic Party and Rejoin EU candidate Andrew Smith.