LOCAL clean water campaigners, the Henley Mermaids, have given their support to the team behind a recent climate-focused sports event that gave back to the environment.  

The Climategames and One Race events took place on Sunday, June 16, offering a unique multi-sport competition that helped to fund climate action projects across the world.  

The Henley Mermaids - a group who came together through their love of open water swimming and now campaign across the country for clean waters - also took part in the sporting events at Dorney Lake near Windsor. 

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Climategames is a local sustainable sports app that converts workouts into positive climate impacts by funding projects like tree planting and coral reef restoration. 

The team from the app teamed up with local events organiser One Race to host the events titled The One for the Planet which saw more than 350 people participating. 

The One for the Planet was the first event to convert exercise into climate projects - such as coral planting in French Polynesia supported by the triathlon, and plastic removal from the ocean in Indonesia thanks to the swim, aquathlon and aquabike event. 

The run and duathlon events helped plant kelp in British Columbia while the organisers planted a tree in Kenya for every ticket sold.

By tracking their steps throughout the day all spectators planted coral while Climategames also ran a training league and virtual event on its app which funded plastic removal projects and sequestered carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

On the day, several eco businesses were also at the event village including the climate education hub ECO Action for Maidenhead and Windsor. 

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Climategames founder Martin Lacey said: "We are thrilled that The One for the Planet was such a success and are really looking forward to making more people’s movement matter, by converting it into positive climate impact. 

"Using sport to raise awareness about climate change and to help fund projects which are making a difference is incredibly important.

"As part of our mission we encourage everyone to enjoy movement and learn about the issues our planet is facing, and, of course, have a positive impact themselves."

Climategames is an app which has, so far, 'inspired thousands of people in more than 110 countries to get more active and help tackle climate change'.

The Henley Mermaids are a group of campaigning local women who have swum the English Channel as a five-person relay, in addition to many other charity swims, as part of a campaign for clean waterways. 

In the last three years, Laura Reineke, Jo Robb, Fiona Print, Susan Barry and Joan Fennelly have raised more than £100,000 for a range of charities.