Many of us will have been in a situation where it feels like we are driving round and round for hours trying to find a parking space.

Whether you’re trying to find somewhere to park so you can head into a restaurant for dinner or to nip into a shop in the middle of a street, it can be frustrating when all local car parking spaces seem to be full.

But if you’re wanting to park in a hurry, you might be wondering if there are certain areas which are illegal that you didn’t know about, including under a bridge.

Let’s find out if you can be fined for parking under a bridge in the UK, according to motoring experts.

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Can you park under a bridge?

Dom Watt, a motoring expert from First Vehicle Leasing explained that parking under bridges often falls under restricted or prohibited zones in the UK.

These areas are usually governed by local council regulations, and parking in such places can result in hefty fines.

Some common legal implications outlined by Dom include:

Restricted Parking Zones: Many under-bridge areas are marked as no-parking zones to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and safety. Ignoring these signs can lead to parking tickets and fines.

Penalties: If your car is found parked illegally, you can be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). Fines can range from £50 to £130, depending on the severity of the violation and the local council's regulations.

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Tow Away Zones: In some cases, parking under bridges can lead to your vehicle being towed away, especially if it poses a safety hazard or obstructs traffic. Retrieving your car from an impound lot can incur additional fees, adding to the financial burden.

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Additionally, Aleksandrs Buraks, head of growth at shared: “In the UK, there aren’t any specific laws against parking under bridges.

"However, Rule 242 in the Highway Code does specify that you shouldn’t park in a way that obstructs the road.

“So if you were to park under a bridge, if your car did block the road or create a dangerous situation for other road users, you would be breaking the law.

“Rule 242 is supported by the Road Traffic Act 1988, as well as the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986.”