A TEENAGER who took his own life was being investigated by police, an inquest heard.

Oliver Fraser, of College Close, Thame, was found by a colleague in a churchyard in Emmington, Chinnor, on February 26 this year.

The 19-year-old, who was a groundsman at the churchyard, had been arrested a month prior on January 18 and was being investigated by Thames Valley Police.

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Coroner Darren Salter, at an inquest at Oxford Coroner’s Court on Tuesday (June 18), said police had interviewed Oliver and the case was ‘not deemed critical’.

He did not mention the specifics of what the teen, who had been diagnosed with autism and ADHD, was being investigated for.

During the inquest, it was heard that Oliver had received counselling following the police interview but there was ‘nothing obvious’ that led his family to believe he would take his own life.

His mother, Michelle, said: “We spoke about suicide, he said he would never do that. There was nothing about this conversation that made me worry about him.

“The fact he decided to end his life was out of character.”

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His therapist was also interviewed by police.

She could not go into details due to patient confidentiality but did tell officers she had no specific concerns about suicidal thoughts, the court was told.

On February 26, the inquest heard that Oliver had asked when his colleagues would be taking lunch.

They took their break at 1.15pm and after returning, they found Oliver in the churchyard and called the emergency services.

CPR attempts were made but the teen was pronounced dead at about 3.07pm that day. The medical cause of death was provided as ‘hanging’.

A note was found near Oliver which Mr Salter described as being ‘very detailed and thoughtful’.

It was also heard that Oliver had messaged a user on Discord, an instant messaging platform, the day before his death, expressing his intentions to take his own life.

Concluding the inquest with a cause of death of suicide, Mr Salter said: “Did he do [the act] with the intent of ending his life?

"It’s reasonably clear that there was an element of planning.

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“There was the message on social media the day before.

"And of course, most importantly, there is the note he left which expressed a clear intention from him to end his life.

“I think he did intend for it to be fatal.”

He added: “This is an extremely sad case - the loss of Oliver at such a young age.

"It’s a very sad case indeed. I offer my condolences.”

The Samaritans helpline is free to call 24 hours a day on 116 123.