There are no plans to alter a supermarket car park after drivers said they became trapped for more than an hour. 

Sainsbury's has apologised after motorists were stuck for long stretches in the car park last week including on Thursday, June 13, and Friday, June 14.  

An Oxfordshire County Council spokesman has confirmed there are no plans to alter the car park - which belongs to the supermarket - despite current roadworks in the area. 

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Multiple Kidlington locals warned others online over the delays throughout Thursday and Friday with previous complaints about the car park design also shared on social media. 

The car park features a single-lane exit that feeds into Oxford Road traffic just before the Kidlington roundabout that has recently undergone roadworks. 

The Oxfordshire County Council spokesperson said: "Site supervisors at the Kidlington roundabout works became aware of traffic issues on Friday, June 14.

"Adjustments were made to traffic management as quickly as possible on the day to help the flow of traffic.

"Issues were caused by the traffic management introduced while construction work took place on an adjacent traffic island.

"Site supervisors continue to monitor the situation."

The council spokesperson said there should be no further delays to journeys as a direct result of the ongoing roadworks - which are due to end in the first week of July 2024. 

A Sainsbury's spokesperson apologised for the delays and said they were due to the roadworks. 

They did not comment on any plans to alter the car park to allow for easier entry and exit.