Hair-raising pictures have shown the RAF Falcons parachute display team in action.

The team showed off their skills by jumping over the Baltic International Air Show in Latvia over the weekend.

The Falcons are the UK's premier military parachute display team, based at RAF Brize Norton near Carterton. 

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They display at venues all over Britain and Europe throughout the year.

The RAF Falcons in action The RAF Falcons in action (Image: SWNS) (Image: SWNS) They have performed many times for the Royal Family and heads of state and set records and introduced many exciting innovations into formation skydiving.

The RAF Falcons parachute display team is the only centrally funded, professional, military parachute display team in the UK.

Their free fall display, which includes advanced manoeuvres, falling at speeds up to 120mph, and their famous 'hybrid' display which includes the Heart and Crisscross Carousel.