Firefighters were called to a home in Witney on Saturday evening as the occupants escaped without harm according to eyewitnesses. 

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service responded to reports of a fire at a home in Wilmot Close in the town. 

An eyewitness shared a photo with us at around 7pm showing a fire engine and van on the scene. 

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Witney town councillor David Edward-Hughes has reassured the community that nobody has been injured as a result of the fire and those living at the property are "safe thankfully". 

Commenting on Sunday, Mr Edward-Hughes said: "I was in contact with the residents last night and pleased to hear that nobody was harmed.  

"I'd like to thank Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service for their swift and professional response to the incident."

It is understood the fire started outside and spread to the home as firefighters rushed to the scene. 

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has been contacted for comment. 

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