The iconic Red Arrows will again be visible in Oxfordshire skies today as they head to Guernsey for shows later this week. 

On Wednesday, June 12, the distinctive red planes will fly over the county during their transit from RAF Waddington in Lincoln - with the Royal Air Force Aerobatic team departing from 4pm. 

This will see them head past Banbury around 4.15pm. 

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Red Arrows serve as a public face of the Royal Air Force and are always a popular sight for those on the ground. 

(Image: Gary Thomas, New View Pembrokeshire)

Travelling from north of Haselbech past Banbury, the planes will continue to south of Withington by 4.19pm before continuing their journey south to finish at Fir Boundary at 4.40pm. 

2024 marks the Red Arrows' 60th anniversary, and they will be on display with nine Hawk T1 aircraft this year with special artwork on the side and tailfin of each jet. 

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