The Labour candidate for the new Bicester and Woodstock constituency officially launched her campaign in Bicester.

There is no existing MP for the seat, which includes Kidlington, Eynsham, Long Hanborough and Yarnton.

Ms Oakeshott, who lives in the constituency, held the launch in Garth Park.

She said: "It’s all to play for. I’m getting the same message again and again from residents on their doorsteps: We want the Tories out.”

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A charity campaigner and former councillor she said: "So many families are fighting to pay the bills and put food on the table. Mortgages have gone up and prices have rocketed in the shops. Meanwhile despite the highest taxes in 70 years, services are on their knees.

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"Hard-working people in Oxfordshire’s towns and villages are struggling to get a doctor’s appointment, get to work on our congested roads, or secure the help their kids need in school. 

“I have a track record of achieving change. I’ve changed laws to crack down on perpetrators of domestic violence, who often offend against multiple different women. And I’ve won new rules to stop big companies profiting from environmental destruction.

"I want to use my law-making experience to change things for the better right here in Bicester, Woodstock, Kidlington and the whole constituency.”

Also standing are: Tim Funnell, Social Democratic Party; Rupert Harrison, Conservative; Ian Middleton, Green; Calum Miller, Liberal Democrat; Augustine Obodo, Reform UK.