The future Queen of Belgium, who studies at the University of Oxford, wore a royal blue outfit to celebrate her grandfather’s birthday.

Crown Princess Elisabeth has been in the city since 2021, studying History and Politics at Lincoln College.

The 22-year-old is the eldest of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium’s four children and is next in line to the throne.

She is departing Oxford this year though as the Belgian Royal Palace confirmed that Princess Elisabeth would be moving to Boston to study at Harvard University.

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The Princess has already arrived back in Belgium and was pictured celebrating her grandfather’s birthday on Thursday, June 6.

Former King Albert II abdicated back in 2013 due to health reasons before being succeeded by his son and Elisabeth’s father, King Philippe.

The royal trio were seen celebrating the former King’s 90th birthday with Princess Elisabeth donning a royal blue outfit on the day.

“King Albert II turns 90 today,” said a spokesperson for the Belgian Royal Palace.

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“We celebrate his birthday with new portraits of King Albert, the King and Princess Elisabeth. Three generations together.”

Whilst back in Belgium, the future Queen alongside her siblings also voted in the 2024 Belgian federal election which took place on Sunday, June 9.

“Today 800,000 young people are voting for the first time,” said a spokesperson for the Belgian Royal Palace.

“Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel and Princess Eleonore will also enter the voting booth for the first time.”

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Crown Princess Elisabeth is set to leave Oxford this year.Crown Princess Elisabeth is set to leave Oxford this year. (Image: Bas Bogaerts)

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