Oxford neighbours were shocked to be awoken by police sirens late at night at the weekend.

The incident occurred at around 10.15pm on Sunday night when two police cars travelled to Gaisford Road via Littlemore Road in Cowley.

After driving with sirens and lights on, the pair of cars parked on Gaisford Road outside a property on the street.

One Cowley resident who woke up to the sirens spoke anonymously to the Oxford Mail after witnessing the police cars in the area.

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β€œWe were woken up at around 10.15pm by sirens as police cars went down Littlemore Road,” said the householder.

β€œThey parked up outside a house on Gaisford Road but we had no idea what was going on.

β€œIt is a quiet area and we are not used to these kinds of instances.”

The Oxford Mail approached Thames Valley Police for a comment but the force could not locate the incident on their logs.

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