The ever-popular Red Arrows will be back in Oxfordshire airspace over the weekend as they cover large parts of the country's south as well as Wales.

On Saturday, June 8, the planes will again be visible in Oxfordshire after a journey setting off initially in north west Wales in the morning. 

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The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, is one of the world's premier aerobatic display teams and serves as a public face of the Royal Air Force. 

At 11.25am the planes will fly north of Great Wolford to arrive east of Hartwell around 11.30am - with their journey passing straight over Banbury

The planes will then head south over Milton Keynes and Bletchley before passing west of Soulbury at 11.33am. 

The iconic planes will then return to Oxfordshire airspace to be south of Horton-Com-Studley by 11.35am, east of the city of Oxford

They will then travel south west over Cowley and Radley to be above Milton by 11.37am, before heading west - arriving north east of Uffington at 11.39am. 

The morning's display will finish in Bournemouth ahead of further flights around the south coast in the afternoon, before an evening journey back north to RAF Shawbury. 

2024 marks the Red Arrows' 60th anniversary, and they will display with nine Hawk T1 aircraft this year with special artwork on the side and tailfin of each jet.