A seven-year-old girl whose dad has been away for over 500 days since she was born has been given a medal by the Little Troopers charity for her resilience while growing up in the forces community.

Lucy Seager-Pollard's dad serves in the British Army and like many military families they move home every few years.

Since she was born, Lucy, who lives in Abingdon, has coped with significant changes in just seven short years.

Lucy’s dad has been away for more than 500 days in total, missing Christmas, Lucy’s birthday, first day at nursery, sports day, parents evenings and even a family holiday.

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The family have also lived in four different homes around the UK, including one house move during a Covid lockdown.

The moves haven’t always been easy with Lucy experiencing bullying at school last year which led to her moving to another school.

On top of these challenges, Lucy has been a brilliant big sister to Maria, aged four, who spent several months at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford after going into cardiac arrest at home when she was just three days old.

Thankfully Maria has now fully recovered.

Military children's charity Little Troopers connects with thousands of Forces children each year, as well as running special projects such as the Little Troopers All Together deployment club and Little Troopers at School programme. 

Lucy will receive a special medal from the charity along with a £50 gift voucher and certificate.

Mum Michelle, who nominated her for the award, said: “My husband and I both grew up as military children so we understand the heartache and challenge that comes with always saying goodbye to your friends and being separated from a parent.

"Lucy has had to endure a lot in her seven years but has always remained strong and cared for others, even when she was going through something herself.

"She really is such a little trooper and winning this award has made her so happy.”

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Louise Fetigan, founder of Little Troopers, added: “Growing up with a parent in the Armed Forces can be really challenging at times, especially when those periods of parental separation become prolonged and happen on a regular basis.

"On top of this, repeatedly moving home can be really tough for children, having to uproot your whole world and say goodbye to your friends.

"Lucy’s story goes to show just how much challenge and change many military child have to face and we think children like Lucy deserve to be recognised.

"We think you are an amazing little trooper, Lucy, and we hope you wear your medal with pride.”