A BRAND new episode of the Oxford Mail's newest crime podcast is out now. 

The Oxfordshire Court and Crime Podcast takes listeners behind the scenes of all the latest trials, sentences, and more taking place across Oxfordshire’s courts.

Each episode focuses on the biggest and latest trial heard in Oxfordshire as well as covering some highly-read sentences, plea hearings, inquests, and more.

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The main focus of the latest episode is the trial of Anthony Stocks, who threw a boy off a cliff in Brighton.

Stocks, of Iceni Close, Goring, was recently found guilty of attempting to murder a 10-year-old boy after he tried to ‘intervene’ with Stocks assaulting an underage girl.

The 54-year-old wanted to ‘marry’ the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and had sexually assaulted her on several occasions in the early 2020s.

The boy, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, tried to stop the assaults, resulting in Stocks trying to kill the boy on one occasion and contemplating it on a second.

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Stocks had been charged with six child sex offence charges and attempted murder - all of which he denied. The podcast covers his defence and the verdicts.

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