A PRISON sentence has been handed to a man who, in a ‘moment of opportunistic madness’, fled from police custody.

Ryan Lynch, 38, was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Wednesday (June 5) to one count each of theft, handling stolen goods, and escaping lawful custody.

He was due to stand trial but the defendant pleaded guilty instead.

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Recorder Alan Gardner KC sentenced him to four months imprisonment.

Due to the time he has spent in custody, the court heard he is likely to be released shortly.

During the sentencing, it was heard that on October 27, police officers were visiting an address in Oxford when they saw the defendant present and asked him to leave.

They noticed he was pushing a bike which had stickers on promoting that the owner of the bike was someone in Worcester College, Oxford.

Lynch told officers he had bought the bike for £30 earlier that day but after further investigation officers discovered the bike was owned by a student and was stolen the previous day.

Two days later, on October 29, a home in Cricket Road, Oxford was burgled and car keys were stolen. At 1.49am, a Volkswagen Polo was driven off the drive of the home.

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Officers later noticed the vehicle and were concerned by the manner of driver and went to pull it over.

However, the car then sped away.

It was later found in a nearby car park and the defendant was located by officers in an alleyway close by.

A police dog picked up a scent from the car, which was found undamaged, and located the scent to Lynch who was stood with officers.

The court heard that it is not believed Lynch was the driver of the vehicle and the driver had fled.

On December 7, while due to appear in Oxford Magistrates’ Court, police were escorting Lynch into court when he suddenly ran away.

It was decided that, due to logistic issues, it was easier to escort Lynch into the building as opposed to using a van.

Lynch was not handcuffed at the time of the incident and had only managed to run about 200m before being apprehended and further charged.

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Defending Lynch, barrister Bethan Chichester described the incident as ‘an opportunistic moment of madness’.

She said: “He was amidst a bad break-up and was drinking excessively. He is keen to get back into society.”

Lynch, of Osterley Road, Swindon, was given two months for the escaping lawful custody charge, two months for handling a stolen vehicle, and no separate penalty for the theft of the bike.