A new report has ranked different roads in Oxfordshire based on the amount of time people are delayed during their journeys.. 

The A4158 has been identified as Oxfordshire’s most congested road with an average waiting time of more than two minutes per mile. 

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This finding came from truck dealer Cromwell Trucks in partnership with Online Marketing Surgery as part of a Road Delay Report, which helped rank roads in Oxfordshire based on their delays.

This determines where people are waiting the most on their travels.

The study found the A43 northbound between the M40 and B4100 is the most delayed motorway or major A-road in Oxfordshire, with a vehicle being held up by 47.5 seconds per mile. 

This was followed by the A43 southbound between B4100 and M40 where drivers are delayed by 38.1 seconds per mile, the A43 southbound between A421 and B4100 where they wait 29.6 seconds per mile and the A34 southbound between A44 and A420 where they wait 29.4 seconds per mile. 

Various locations of the A34 finished off the top 10 list - including northbound between B430 and M40/A41, within the A423/A4183 near Kennington north junction, within the B4027 junction, and between A420 and A44. 

For the southbound route, top-10 waiting time locations included within the A44 junction, and between M40/A41 and the B430. 

For local A-roads, the A4158 is Oxfordshire’s most traffic-clogged with vehicles waiting 137.8 second per mile.

This was followed by another long average wait of 100.3 seconds per mile on the A4144. 

Drivers can expect to wait an average of 87.8 seconds per mile on the A4165 or 77.8 seconds on the A4183. 

The top 10 most congested local A-roads list included the A4142, A415 and A423 where drivers can expect to wait an average of more than 50 seconds but less than a minute per mile. 

The list was completed by the A338, A422 and A4155 with wait times of more than 40 seconds per mile. 

The study looked at recent data around road delays across the UK  taken from government statistics.

It was then split into motorways and major A-roads and local A-roads and ranked the average amount of time in seconds a vehicle was held up per mile in 2023.