AN Oxfordshire student who told police a man raped her after a night out said she had invited him home due to pressure from peers, a court has heard.

The student, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she had asked Nigel Hunt to come home with her on October 30, 2021 after a night out.

She claims that he had then raped her four times despite her telling him she did not want to have sex as she ‘was waiting for marriage’.

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When asked why she invited him back to hers, she said she felt ‘peer pressure’ from her friends to be seen with a black man as they had dubbed her a ‘self-hating black woman’ for only previously dating white men.

This emerged at a trial at Oxford Crown Court where Hunt stands charged with four counts of rape.

He is also charged with one count each of assault by penetration and rape, alleged to have taken place on May 1, 2023 to a second Oxfordshire student.

Hunt, of William Kimber Crescent, The Old Nursery, Headington, has denied the charges.

During the trial on Tuesday (June 4), the first complainant was cross-examined by defence barrister Peter du Feu.

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He told the student that Hunt claims she had never told him that she did not want to have sex.

She disputed this, replying: “I know [I did] because I had previously left with other people and because I was waiting until marriage I know for a fact that I did not want to have sex.”

Mr du Feu asked why then she invited Hunt back to her accommodation.

The complainant replied: “A lot of the male attention I get is from white boys and people took the p*** out of me.

“People started judging me for that and telling me that I have colonised or something and I’m self-hating.

“[Hunt] was the first black man to give me attention in front of these people…I felt so insecure in that moment and I wanted to prove to my peers that I wasn’t a self-hating black women.”

She added that she had ‘just wanted to chill’ with the defendant and was happy with ‘kissing and touching’ but not sex.

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After she reported the allegations, she texted a friend saying: “I hope institutional racism can work in my favour.”

When asked what she meant, she said: “A lot of rape cases don’t go in favour of the victim.

"I guess I thought because there’s a lot of bias against black men that maybe it would be more probable for him to be punished.”

The trial continues.