A British man claims his 29-year-old cat is the oldest in the world.

Leslie Greenhough, 69, believes his tortoiseshell moggy, Millie, who was born in 1995, is currently the oldest living cat. 

The moggy was first owned by Mr Greenhough's late wife, Paula, who first got Millie as three-month-old kitten back in 1995. 

Mrs Greenhough passed away in April 2020, due to Covid, and since then her husband has become Millie's full-time owner.

Oxford Mail: Millie is a tortoiseshell moggy cat.Millie is a tortoiseshell moggy cat. (Image: SWNS)

Meet Millie - the cat believed to the be the oldest in the world

Mr Greenhough, who is a retired storekeeper from Stockport, says Millie has never visited the vet, and eats a mixed diet of chicken and Purina cat food. 

He added the cats long life is down to "lots of treats", "cuddles on the sofa" and tinned tuna and prawns. 

Mr Greenhough said: "Millie’s a spry little thing, people can’t believe she’s 29. She can still jump up on the sides but she's a little slower these days.

"It's just us two and she isn't bothered by any other cats, so I think it's helped her live a long and peaceful life.

"She's never gone to the vets since I've owned her or had any real health issues. 

"She’s a little deaf now and loves to sleep on my bed."

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Mr Greenhough explained he met Paula back in 2012 through the dating site Plenty of Fish and it was not long after that he was first introduced to Millie.

The couple got engaged in 2013 and married a year later in 2014. 

Mr Greenhough said he had owned a cat - Blackie - before but it had been several decades before he met Millie.

He explained how Millie used to be a "sweet cat" but had evolved into an indoor cat after being bullied by other cats in the neighbourhood.

The 69-year-old said: "Millie was such a sweet cat when I first met her. 

"Over the years Millie was bullied by other cats the her neighbourhood, so she stopped going out and became more of an indoor cat.

"She's developed a cautious attitude - she's very shy.

"I think that's helped her live longer."

The passing of his wife in 2020 affected both Mr Greenhough and Millie with the later struggling to eat after losing her owner.

Oxford Mail: Leslie Greenhough's wife and Millie's original owner Paula died of Covid in 2020.Leslie Greenhough's wife and Millie's original owner Paula died of Covid in 2020. (Image: SWNS)

Mr Greenhough recounted: "It was incredibly difficult on both of us.

"Millie and I had bonded before she died, she would sit on my lap and my wife said she could see how much the cat loved me.

"I think Millie knew my wife wasn't well.

"Millie wouldn’t eat anything at first, I used to give her prawns and chicken, but over time she's back to eating cat food."

Leslie Greenhough hopes to break Guinness World Record for world's oldest cat in memory of late wife

Mr Greenhough is hoping to submit Millie to the Guinness World Records in an attempt to officially claim the title of the world's oldest cat.

The title of oldest living cat is currently held by Flossie, who was born on December 29 in 1995 - making her 28-year-old (at the time of publication).


He said: "I want to move but I’m worried Millie won’t survive the journey. 

"I’m doing this story for my wife in her memory.

"She loved Millie, and everyone should know what an remarkable cat she is."