A DISTRICT council has defended its use of a rainbow logo ahead of Pride Month after an influx of negative comments from critics. 

South Oxfordshire District Council has changed its social media pictures to feature a rainbow ahead of Pride month in June which is celebrated every year to honour the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan.

However, some residents have criticised the council for the new picture.

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Oxford Mail:

One resident commented: “How much did that cost us?”

A council spokesperson replied: “It didn’t cost you a penny. Our communications manager made this logo a few years ago, one evening in his free time. It took him about 10 minutes.”

Another resident asked: “Does it help fund new school places or repair potholes?”

The spokesperson replied: “Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for those topics, but in answer to your broader question, changing this logo hasn't had any impact at all on any of our council services.”

Another comment to the council read: “Why do we need a special logo just for them? Do we have a straight logo for straight people?

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“I don’t understand.”

The spokesperson said: “We have a policy and a published calendar that explains which social topics and issues the council supports every year. We support disability campaigns in June and December.

“If there are any campaigns or social topics you would like to be added to our calendar, please do drop your local councillor a line and they can submit it for consideration.”