A single mum living on the edge of Oxford feels unsafe at her council house after grass blocking the home’s only fire escape has been left uncut.

Kathryn Deeley has lived on the corner of Ulfgar Road and St Peter’s Road in Wolvercote with her son for 13 years.

There are eight houses in the strip with the majority being council housing including the family’s corner property.

Ms Deeley is concerned about the fire hazard outside the property with overgrown grass and bushes blocking the only potential fire exit.

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Oxford Mail: The grass around the property is majorly overgrown.The grass around the property is majorly overgrown. (Image: Kathryn Deeley.)

“The bushes are right outside the windows which are fire windows for escape should there be a fire,” she said.

“It makes me feel unsafe as we only have one door to the property and this is by the kitchen where there is more of a fire, so the window is the only other escape.

“There has never been a fire luckily so far and I've never experienced one in the past and hopefully won't.”

The 52-year-old single mum has contacted both Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council about the issue in the past but the problem remains.

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“We had the same problem last year, and the council passed it between the Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council.

“It's just unsafe so in an ideal world like the council to cut the bushes out as they are thorn bushes and really not ideal for escape from a fire escape window.

“Also the path being cleared and the grass maybe being cut monthly would also help.”

She is not only anxious for her own health due to the issue but is of course also worried for her son’s welfare.

“It's extremely worrying not only for myself and my son,” Ms Deeley added when speaking to the Oxford Mail.

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Oxford Mail: Kathryn is worried about the possible fire risks from the overgrown grass and bushes.Kathryn is worried about the possible fire risks from the overgrown grass and bushes. (Image: Kathryn Deeley)

“I'm concerned that not only are some of the bushes now blocking some of the windows but also the lack of response from either of the councils is worrying.

“They just don't seem to care.

“Surely it is illegal to block someone's fire exit from a building which is what is occurring at my home.”

After hearing Ms Deeley's story, the Oxford Mail approached Oxfordshire County Council for comment on when the grass will be next cut.

Upon receiving the request for comment, the county council issued a response claiming that the matter was one for Oxford City Council.

A request was then made to Oxford City Council who looked into the matter and confirmed that the area would be cut on Monday and added to the cutting schedules.

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