A police horse called Loki had to be put down by a Thames Valley Police team.

On social media platform X, formerly Twitter, Thames Valley Police's Mounted Section posted a tribute video to the horse. 

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"It is with heavy hearts, we announce that the extremely difficult decision was made to let our Loki be at rest," the spokesperson said. 

"He had sustained an injury that despite our best efforts, wasn’t healing as hoped and impacting his quality of life.

"He was simply the best and will be very much missed." 

In the video, his team said there was "no set of ears better to look through, always the first to step towards a flare, footballs, demos, crowd control, nuisances passed without a care". 

The team continued: "Nine faithful years of service, the most courageous police horse, gallop pain free, you've earned your rest, Loki by name and by nature of course."

The video featured fabulous photos from all the jobs Loki had attended including from Royal Ascot and Cheltenham to royal weddings and the funeral pace of Queen Elizabeth II.