Bright Futures Oxfordshire, a charity of Witney Community Church, has been awarded a £28k grant by the town council.

This initiative is aimed at making valuable connections with young people and supporting them on their life journey.

Jason Huffadine, a trustee of Bright Futures Oxfordshire said: "Our focus is on making connections with and for young people enabling them to journey well in life.

"Detached youth work is like most other youth work except that it takes place in the areas that young people might identify as their 'own ground'. Basically, we go to young people and encourage and support them.

"We are always on their side and provide a voice for them in the community".

This method of detached youth work happens in non-institutional settings such as parks, cafes, shopping centres, and any other place that the young people choose to be.

Its accessibility overcomes barriers for those who're unlikely to attend building-based provisions or those who cannot access them for numerous reasons.

Thus, allowing it to appeal to a broader demographic.

Bright Futures Oxfordshire aims to achieve four key outcomes including positive formation of self, constructive behaviours, healthy relationships, and greater confidence and resilience.

The charity’s operation, The Station, encourages these outcomes and permits detailed information on how detached youth workers support young people on their website at

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The Station made its debut at the town council’s wheeled sports park opening earlier this year.

A group of trained, trusted youth workers and volunteers will engage with young people in hopes of building meaningful relationships in line with the provision aims.

Cllr Owen Collins, mayor of Witney said: "Witney Town Council is delighted and proud to be able to support The Station in their detached youth work, which will be vital in supporting young people in our community.

"Since the closure of many other beloved youth work groups, the need for expanded support has been evident.

"Young people face a greater set of pressures than most of us, and without the crucial work of organisations like The Station, we risk a detached, unconnected generation.

"I thank The Station and all who have supported them for helping these young people, for their own good and the good of our entire community."

The Station also plans 'KICK', which will offer free football sessions for everyone at the Witney ATP on Gordon Way all through the summer holidays.

More information about other planned detached youth work sessions later in the year will be provided in due course.