A WILDLIFE park has celebrated its 70th lemur breeding success ahead of a its annual event focusing on raising money to help save the animals.

Cotswold Wildlife Park, near Burford, Oxfordshire, has recently announced the birth of ring-tailed lemur twins ahead of ‘Lemur Week’

Lemur Week, which runs from May 25 until 2 June, aims to raise awareness and funds for the world's most endangered lemurs.

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The park is also the only zoological collection in the world to have bred the critically endangered greater bamboo lemur in the last 12 months.

As part of Lemur Week, visitors will have a chance to name the new twins which were sired by breeding male Bernard, who arrived at the collection in May 2021, with dominant female, Hira.

Section Head of Primates, Small Mammals and Birds, Natalie Horner, said: “Hira’s latest arrivals are her 18th and 19th youngsters within her impressive reproductive history here at the park - an amazing achievement for this experienced and attentive mother.

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"If we look at our Lemur births at the Park over the years, this year our total has come to 70 Lemur births across several species.

“This is an incredible achievement and is testament to the dedication of our keepers and the Park’s commitment to the European Breeding Programme (EEP)”.

To take part in Lemur Week, visit cotsworldwildlifepark.co.uk