An Oxfordshire family has been forced to relocate temporarily after being without mains water for more than five days - and they have said they were not alone. 

The Hart family in Youlbury - just outside of Oxford - said they were among several households affected by a lack of water in the area - and had travelled out of the county on May 24 to stay with friends because they were fed up with the hassle. 

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Youlbury is located in a wooded area just north of Boars Hill, around five miles west of Oxford.

The family told the Oxford Mail that Thames Water had been "hunting around Sandy Lane and Youlbury rather unsuccessfully for a leak" during the week. 

"Trying to contact them and find out what is happening is a nightmare," the family said. 

"The Thames Water App which they insist you use seems to be manned by AI judging from the reams of idiotic and circular responses we got with a plethora of gender neutral names attached." 

The family said, through the app, they had to answer "repeated requests about parking access and pavements - despite explaining we lived in woodland and there was loads of space to park".

The family has been forced to purchase drinking water and go elsewhere for hygiene needs. 

The family said they spoke to Thames Water staff in Reading after "calling for 30 minutes", with that staff member telling them there would be a team on scene on May 23. 

While the family believed other neighbours had been affected, they said other businesses locally nearby still had access to water. 

The family said they were concerned about the "health hazard" posed by a lack of water for hygiene - and called the service they had received from Thames Water "dreadful". 

The issue remains unsolved at the time of writing on May 24. 

A Thames Water spokesperson indicated the company was not aware of the problems, but staff would be heading to the site to investigate. 

Elsewhere in the region under Thames Water, there are water and low pressure issues in SN2, SN5 and SN25. 

There is disruption caused on Thamesdown Drive in Swindon due to a water mains pipe. 

A Thames Water spokesperson said: "Our teams are working 24/7 to complete this complexed repair, there are tree roots and other utilities close to the burst, making the repair more challenging."

"We have ordered specialist machinery to assist with repair to the damaged section."

It is unclear if that is impacting water supply in Youlbury. 

There has also been heavy rain and flooding across the region which Thames Water teams are working to address.