An Oxfordshire woman who divorced a ghost has adopted a possessed clown - but she says it's made her ex jealous.

Brocarde, 40, tied the knot with the ghost - a Victorian soldier Edwardo - then split up with him when she accused him of cheating then stalking her.

The singer and songwriter has now adopted a possessed clown after 'connecting' with him when spending a night at The Clown Motel In Nevada.

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She toured the USA with the clown doll then has returned home to Oxfordshire with it to conduct a paranormal investigation on him.

But she says her ex Edwardo has become jealous - and does not want the clown in the house.

Ghost 'magnet' Brocarde encountered the possessed clown while touring the world filming a series of haunted locations for her TV show pilot.

She says Edwardo has so far been placid about with her communicating with other spirits, and the couple rarely make contact these days. 

But his un-rested soul seems to be rattled at the thought of her bringing another ghost over the threshold. 

She said: “I can instantly tell when Edwardo has a point to make, his energy is very powerful. 

''His presence has been very manageable these days and I only see him from time to time, he does not like the clown though, he watches him and I keep finding the clown by the door, subtlety is not Edwardo’s strong point.”

“He has nothing to be concerned about, as I have no intention of marrying a clown ghost, although that would be funny. 

''The clown is here for research purposes only, and I definitely don’t need to get into a paranormal love triangle.”

The local woman who has recently joined a Romanian witch coven said she wondered if Edwardo was picking up on "some bad energy" from the possessed clown. 

''I’m fascinated by the prospect of spirit vessels and haunted objects, it’s a whole new world for me, so I’m trying to learn and absorb as much as possible," she said. 

''That’s why I’ve enjoyed filming this series so much as I’m meeting people who’ve had fascinating ghost adventures, not unlike myself.”

On a trip to the famous Clown Motel, Brocarde instantly gravitated towards the clown and connected with it due to their love of theatre and performing, she says.

She says the spirit trapped inside the clown immediately revealed to Brocarde that he was a carnival clown, and that he was a tortured soul who spent his days performing for audiences that didn’t care and ridiculed him for not being funny. 

''At the moment I only know snippets of information about him, so over the coming months I’m going to try and understand more.”