Jeremy Clarkson has reportedly expressed thoughts about walking away from the hit series Clarkson’s Farm.

The former Top Gear star bought the Chadlington farm in 2008 with the location being made globally famous by Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm.

After season one in 2021, the documentary showing day-to-day life on the farm has gone from strength to strength and is now in its third season.

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Season four is in production but despite its wide-reaching impact, doubt has been cast onto the show’s future by its producers executive producer Andy Wilman.

Speaking to Deadline, Wilman said: “I’ve got no feelings on whether there’s a [season] five or not.

“Jeremy’s the same. He’s like, ‘When we’ve got nothing left to say, let’s walk away.”

Mr Clarkson was left angered last week after a spy helicopter was flown over Diddly Squat Farm and paused filming on Season Four as a result.

A private helicopter was spotted circling above the Oxfordshire farm which caused the Grand Tour star to resort to social media to air frustrations.

“Posting  a photograph of the helicopter’s flight path on Instagram, Clarkson said: “Filming paused till this f******d b*****s off.”

Clarkson’s Farm fans found the incident funny with several users responding to the celebrity on his Instagram post.

In reference to Mr Clarkson being named as the sexiest man in UK and Ireland last week, one fan said: “Trying to get a glimpse since you’re the sexiest male in the UK.”