Peace campaigners in Abingdon have vowed to continue demonstrating until conflicts are over in Ukraine and Gaza.

Members of Abingdon Peace Group have been gathering at the town's war memorial with their banners every Monday since February 28, 2022, to mark the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Sally Reynolds, a founder member, said the group was now campaigning for peace in Ukraine and Gaza.

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She added: "Our banner now reads 'In solidarity with peacemakers in all conflicts'.

Oxford Mail: Abingdon Peace Group"When we started we said we would stand here until the war ends in Ukraine - now we have to wait for two conflicts to end.

"There are citizens in both Russia and Ukraine who are saying 'not in my name' and there are Palestinians and Israelis who are saying the same thing."

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Mrs Reynolds' involvement in peace campaigning started the early 1980s following Russia's invasion of Afghanistan.

 She added: "Hopefully our presence every week reminds people that war is happening with devastating consequences.

"It is not just the human devastation - there is a huge cost to the environment too."

The campaigners are at the war memorial every Monday from 8.15am to 8.45am.

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