It may have been a joyous occasion for U's fans at Wembley Stadium on Saturday but footy fever does not appear to be extending beyond that.

Oxford is found to be the UK city that is least excited for Euro 2024 being held in Germany this summer, which the England will be competing at. 

According to new data revealed by NZCasinoClub, the city has the lowest average monthly searches relating to UEFA Euro 2024, with just 125.95 searches per 100,000 residents.

Compared to Durham, topping the list with 2,654 average monthly searches per 100,000 residents, Oxford's interest seems particularly minimal.

The data was analysed over the last 12 months and studied search terms related to UEFA Euro 2024, including the number of local pubs and bars airing football games within a five-mile radius of each location.

Ranking far behind other cities like Manchester and London, which also made the top 10 list, Oxford is the city least excited about the upcoming tournament.

Adam Parker at NZCasinoClub commented on the findings: "There is anticipation and excitement across the UK as pubs and bars gear up for the prestigious UEFA Euro 2024 tournament scheduled for June.

"It's amazing to see cities and towns across the country come together to watch their national team."

Adam Parker also stated: "Manchester, Bolton, and Salford are in the top 10 of the study, as Greater Manchester is known for its passionate football culture.

"The Euros has the potential to provide a significant financial boost to pubs and bars through a massive increase in footfall and sales opportunities."