The date has been announced when Oxford's traffic filters scheme will go live.

Oxfordshire County Council will trial camera-operated traffic filters on six roads in the city to help lower the number of private car journeys.

The £6.5million trial was approved by Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet in March 2022.

The traffic filters will be placed on the following roads:

St Cross Road, central Oxford

Thames Street, central Oxford

Hythe Bridge Street, central Oxford

St Clement’s Street, east Oxford

Marston Ferry Road, Marston

Hollow Way, Cowley 

The trial will go live in November 2024. This will be after the Network Rail works on the Botley Road finish in October.

Oxford Mail:

Oxford traffic filters will only apply to private cars.  

There will be no physical barriers, and everywhere in Oxford will be accessible, said the council.

If you drive a private car, you may need to take a different route or change how you travel if you don't have a permit to drive through the filter.

Any driver going through a filter who is neither exempt nor using a permit will be charged a £70 penalty.

Thousands of people have expressed concerns about the filters.

Just over 1,800 people signed one petition opposing the project over worries it would cause congestion on Botley Road.

A protest was held outside County Hall ahead of the meeting where they were approved.

Sajjad Malik, an independent city councillor who represents Temple Cowley, said he had launched a petition with more than 3,100 signatures.

He said: "The majority of the people and businesses I have spoken to are against them and they are going to have a negative impact.”

A total of 52 people addressed councillors during the meeting, including residents, business owners and representatives from campaign groups Cyclox and Oxfordshire Liveable Streets, as well as climate change denier Piers Corbyn.

About 40 people sat in the public gallery and two people had to be escorted out of the chamber by security due to outbursts.

Some 5,700 people gave their views in a consultation on the filters in 2022.

As a result of the feedback Hollow Way and Marston Ferry Road will run at peak times only, from 7am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

The Oxford permit area will include households in the Shotover Hill area and adjacent areas to Barton.

Cars in a qualifying car club open to at least 100 people are exempt.

Unpaid non-professional carers now include a wider range of people with informal caring responsibilities.

Oxfordshire residents living outside the Oxford permit area can apply for 25 day passes each year.