Jeremy Clarkson has hit back at Richard Osman who claimed parts of the farming show Clarkson’s Farm are disingenuous including a jam-making process involving a Henry Hoover.

Speaking on The Rest is Entertainment podcast, Mr Osman opened Monday’s episode with an apology to the former Top Gear host whose Diddly Squat Farm shop is in Chadlington, over claims parts of the farming show are "confected".

Mr Osman, who described the show as “dependably brilliant”, said parts of it are “entirely confected in the way Top Gear was” before adding it comes with a “copper bottom of reality to it”.

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In the Amazon Prime show, Mr Clarkson is seen in one episode hoovering up blackberries with a vacuum hoover to then make jam to sell on the farm, as part of his competition with Kaleb Cooper to make the most profit in the series.

Oxford Mail: Jeremy Clarkson using hoover to collect blackberries

The podcast host and creator of gameshow Pointless questioned whether Mr Clarkson had actually made the jam himself after seeing the episode.

Mr Osman said: “In the first episode, Jeremy is getting blackberries off a hedge with a Dyson and in the next scene there are suddenly 800 jars of blackberry jam.

“We think, have we missed a scene there from between him sucking up eight blackberries.”

The 53-year-old has now started a more recent episode rectifying the comment after Mr Clarkson got in touch with the show to clarify the matter.

Oxford Mail: Richard Osman said 'I don’t have any personal shame any more'

Mr Osman said: “Last week, we spoke about the wonderful Clarkson’s Farm, which continues to do unbelievable numbers on Amazon Prime.

“I said during it there is some artifice in it, in that Jeremy Clarkson is making jam using a Henry Hoover, to hoover up blackberries and then making this jam himself.

“I said there is no way he did that himself.

“The man himself, Jeremy Clarkson, got in touch and said he did indeed make all of that jam himself with the aid of a single Henry Hoover and made £230 profit on it. 

"So, Jeremy I apologise.”

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Marina Hyde, who also hosts the show with Mr Osman and is a journalist for the Guardian, quickly added: “Thanks for dialling in.”

Mr Osman then continued: “We talked briefly about having a taste test between Jeremy Clarkson’s jam and Meghan Markle’s jam but we can’t get hold of any of Meghan’s jams.”

The Duchess has launched a new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard which includes homemade jam.

According to reports, she created her American Riviera Orchard jam using fruit from her home garden in Montecito.

Mr Clarkson previously came under fire for his comments on Meghan Markle in an article for The Sun in December 2022. 

The Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) concluded the column was sexist after it had received thousands of complaints from the public. 

The column in The Sun was pulled from the internet within days as Mr Clarkson said the comments about the Duchess being publicly shamed were a reference to a scene in Game of Thrones that had been "misinterpreted".