South East residents are being urged to boost their aid to farmers due to rising concerns over farmers' mental health.

Amanda Harman, a rural insurance expert from Lycetts, appealed to the community to act during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Ms Harman warned that the issues facing farmers, including economic instability, market volatility, and climate change, pose a threat to both their livelihood and mental health.

Ms Harman said: "Farming is not just a business, it’s a way of life that demands resilience in the face of the myriad of evolving challenge.

"But even the most mentally resilient can struggle under the weight of financial and economic uncertainty.

"It’s important that residents support the local agricultural sector to help keep their rural communities alive."

She then shared how minor lifestyle changes can play a key role in supporting farmers.

She said: "Minor changes in shopping habits can make a big difference.

"From buying local farm produce to help ensure farmers have a steady income to patronising local restaurants that champion local fare."

Ms Harman also said: "Residents can help support these new ventures, not only by visiting them, but also by promoting them to friends, family, colleagues and on their social media channels."

Besides this support, she emphasised the necessity for farmers to have access to mental health resources.

Ms Harman ended by saying: "Every individual can contribute to this cause."