Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum celebrated World Cocktail Day with their very own Ashmolean Dry Gin and the award-winning Gibson’s Organic Liqueurs with their delicious collaboration, Ashmolean Organic Crab Apple Liqueur on Monday 13th May, 

The invite only event took place in the Ashmolean’s Rooftop Restaurant located above Oxford’s iconic Ashmolean Museum - the perfect location for a drink gathering or party. 

The restaurant boasts the original rooftop terrace that has been a popular meeting spot for generations. Newly planted, the stunning open-air terrace provides stunning views across the rooftops and steeples of this stunning city, heavenly on a warm summer evening.

And what better place than to enjoy cocktails and nibbles and celebrate World Cocktail Day! 

The Ashmolean's in-house mixologist conjured up a selection of exquisite cocktails. Two highlights were a heavenly cocktail featuring Ashmolean Organic Crab Apple Liqueur made in collaboration with Gibson's Organic Liqueurs and a Gin & Tonic made with Ashmolean Dry Gin which really championed the 17 botanicals including exotic kaffir lime, rose, jasmine, and spices from the Middle East, which help make this bespoke gin deliciously individual. 

Situated just outside Burford in the Cotswolds, Gibson’s story began in 2007 when Miles Gibson returned home to his family farm, inspired by two years spent volunteering on organic farms around the UK, to begin planting fruit. 

The land on Gibson’s Oxfordshire farm is worked sustainably without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Only fruit, flowers and leaves grown on the farm make it into the products, which are vegan, gluten and sulphite free. 

“I am thrilled to be involved with a local institution that is actively supporting artisan businesses rather than just paying lip-service to this idea," said: Miles Gibson

Gibson’s Organic Liqueurs is one of five new brands added to the Ashmolean Museum’s Brand Licensing programme, which thrives by collaborating with a diverse range of businesses to create unique products inspired by the museum’s rich collections.

Ashmolean Organic Crab Apple Liqueur features artwork by Simon Verelst (1644-1721), Still Life of Apple Blossom, Oil on canvas, WA1940.2.88

Ashmolean Dry Gin The artwork on the label is Spray of Morning Glory by Takeuchi Seiho (1864-1942) from the Eastern Art collection.