Florence Pugh will appear in a new culinary adventure docuseries for National Geographic that is produced by Gordan Ramsay’s television company.

Hosted by Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski, the show named No Taste Like Home sees a star-studded line-up dig deep into their rich heritages by way of their ancestors’ food traditions, techniques and culinary experiences. 

Ms Pugh spent her teenage years working in her father’s restaurants in Cowley Road in Oxford and has previously spoken about her family’s history in the hospitality industry.

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As well as featuring the Oxford-born actress Ms Pugh, the series will also star Awkwafina, Henry Golding, James Marsden, Issa Rae and Justin Theroux.

“It’s a beautiful adventure to discover our past through the great connector that is food,” said Mr Porowski.

“I’m honoured to go on this journey of self-discovery with new and old friends alongside National Geographic as we learn together about the ways different cultures celebrate food and experience their traditions.”

Each episode of the docuseries features key dishes that Mr Porowski and his guests learn more about, culminating in a family meal that includes a classic dish from the region.

Along the way, Mr Porowski and his guests meet local travellers who share their own family stories, connections with food and culture, and newly gained perspectives about their heritage and themselves.

Last year, speaking on the Dish podcast hosted by Nick Grimshaw and Michelin star chef and restaurateur Angela Hartnett, Ms Pugh opened up on living in a big family which had a keen interest in food and the hospitality industry.

She said: “So I grew up in a big family, four siblings, two sets of grandparents that loved food.

“They spent most of their lives talking and eating and creating good food, and that obviously trickled down to both my parents.

"My dad grew up in a pub and has been running and creating restaurants since he could, and I've just been around the need for eating food and like understanding good quality.

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“It doesn't necessarily need to be expensive food.

"It's like why we are eating the food that we eat, and how it will benefit us and how it'll make us feel better.

“And so, like, I remember on the weekends we weren't allowed to watch TV at a certain time, but we were allowed to watch cooking shows.”

Tom McDonald, executive vice president of global factual and unscripted content at National Geographic, said: “With Antoni as our fearless, passionate guide, each guest on the show is able to connect with their past through these really beautiful culinary experiences.

“When you see Awkwafina, Henry, James, Florence, Issa and Justin on screen, experiencing these powerful journeys, it’s as if you’re right next to them.

“Nat Geo’s hope is that our viewers get inspired after watching these journeys to discover the diverse culinary traditions of cultures all around us.”

The show is produced by Studio Ramsay Global, building on the food programming relationship between Mr Ramsay’s production outfit and National Geographic.

Alongside presenting, Mr Porowski will executive produce the series alongside Mr Ramsay and Lisa Edward.

No Taste Like Home With Antoni Porowski is set to premiere in Spring 2025.