Witnesses have described hearing a "huge bang" after a fire engine and car collided near Didcot late Monday afternoon. 

The crash caused significant traffic disruption into evening hours of Monday as parts of the road were closed in both directions 

An Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Services spokesperson said the collision happened at Park Drive in Milton Park at around 4.30pm on Monday - around three miles west of Didcot.

Firefighters from multiple crews worked to rescue the occupant of the car that collided with the Abingdon fire engine. 

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The incident is being investigated by Thames Valley Police and the cause of the crash is not currently known. 

The fire engine - from Abingdon Fire Station - was on a call at the time.

A member of the public, Nick, said he saw the aftermath of the incident after hearing the crash. 

"I saw the fire engine after it had happened as I got out of the bus to have a look," he said.

"The fire engine and car were facing forwards on the right hand side of the road and they were next to each other.

"The passenger door of the car was open so I assume the fire men quickly got out to try and help the person in the driver seat of the car." 

Nick said the crash occurred on the road coming into Milton Park "as you come off the A34 before the Security Hut". 

Another eyewitness said he saw as many as four police cars and an ambulance respond to the incident. 

Paul Wilson, a motorist from Didcot, who was stuck in the traffic, described seeing lots of emergency services at the scene. He also saw debris had been left on the road from the crash.

“I saw half a dozen police cars, three ambulances and three fire engines," he said.

“I have been involved in a road traffic accident, so I was obviously worried that the people were ok.”

A spokesperson from the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said two additional fire engines - which were not involved in the collision itself - attended the incident to assist. 

These fire engines were from Rewley Road and Slade Park - both fire stations located in Oxford


The spokesperson said there was no central body within the fire sector that would investigate this type of incident, but that what happened would be reviewed internally by Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service in order to identify any lessons to be learnt or other action to be taken.

Thames Valley Police have been contacted for comment.