Donaldson Timber Systems has increased capacity and boosted technical capabilities at its Oxfordshire factory.

The company, one of the leading UK offsite timber frame manufacturers, has invested over £10m in its Witney factory.

The investment was primarily directed towards machinery and performance upgrades, including state-of-the-art timber processing centres and a new floor panel production line.

The Witney base now hosts the most advanced automated pre-insulated closed panel wall production line in Europe.

Oxford Mail: Andrew Donaldson, CEO of the Donaldson Group; Alanna Bowler, Factory Manager at Witney; Frank

The intent of the investment was to increase automation, thereby improving efficiency and creating room for added capacity.

The increase in automation would cut down on manual labour while increasing inclusivity.

Oxford Mail: New technology has been added

With this technological upgradation, the factory will now have the capability to manufacture more advanced products like DTS’ Sigma II timber frame system alongside maintaining its quality assurance.

Some of this technology has been specifically created for Donaldson Timber Systems and marks its debut in the industry.

In partnership with Randek, DTS incorporated novel techniques and advancements, enhancing its technology with elements like robotics and laser integration.

The transformation also brings down the need for paper drawings as plans are now digitally input, thus reducing carbon footprint significantly.

In a bid to meet its sustainability goals, photovoltaic (PV) cells or solar panels have been installed on the factory's roof.

These will produce just short of one megawatt of electricity; covering factory's power consumption needs and providing excess energy for local businesses and homes via the national grid.

Frank O’Reilly, manufacturing director at DTS, said: "The installation of this new machinery in a working factory is unusual for the industry and the process required a phenomenal amount of logistical planning over a period of a couple of years.

"We’re all really proud of the results.

"We’re creating the capacity and technical capabilities customers require to continue building more advanced and energy-efficient homes and buildings - and futureproofing our own business in the process."

Rod Allan, managing director of DTS, said: "Timber is the only truly sustainable building material and we are well-respected in the industry for the quality of our products.

"But rather than rest on our laurels, we continue to look forward and innovate."

He also said: "This is a significant investment but one that will set us and our customers up for continued success in reducing carbon for years to come."

Ola Lindh, Randek CEO, said: "Partnerships and collaborations lie at the heart of our mission at Randek.

"Prefabrication isn't just about constructing buildings; it's about co-creating solutions with our customers, refining their processes, and integrating our technology to drive efficiency and automation."