Prime Video's private school-set drama Maxton Hall is based on Mona Kasten's bestselling novel Save Me.

It is also, funnily enough, partly shot in Oxford. Funny why? Well, Prime Video seems to have something of an obsession when it comes to Oxfordshire when you take into account Saltburn and Clarkson's Farm.

The six-part German series centres on the relationship between scholarship student Ruby and rich kid James following an unexpected encounter at the prestigious school Maxton Hall.

Amazon Prime's synopsis for Season 1 reads: "When Ruby unwillingly witnesses an explosive secret at Maxton Hall Private School, arrogant millionaire heir James Beaufort is forced to confront the quick-witted scholarship student, much to his chagrin:

"He is determined to silence Ruby. Their passionate exchange of blows surprisingly ignites a spark".

Despite coming from wildly different worlds, they found themselves drawn to one another and, although there were hurdles placed before them, by the end of the season they had found their way back into one another's arms – that is until a tragedy..."

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Maxton Hall in Oxford

‘Maxton Hall’ is set in England, in a fictional private school. However, the series’ original language is German, as it is a German production. The book is also written in German, but set in England.

The production took place in some iconic places such as Oxford and, of course, London. Oxfordshire is known for its architecture, as well as the iconic buildings of the always impressive University of Oxford (which is also Ruby’s dream university

Will there be a Maxton Hall season 2?

There's currently no word on the status of Maxton Hall season 2.