Another city stabbing has led to suggestions there are not enough police officers patrolling the streets as senior officials are urged to confirm their strategy for preventing crime.

This comes after a man in his 20s was reportedly stabbed in a raid on his flat in Druce Way, Blackbird Leys, on Thursday night (May 9) and had cash stolen from him.

He suffered a wound to his abdomen and a broken ankle and is still in hospital.

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Amir Steve Ali, who is running to be a member of parliament for the Oxford East constituency and has lived in the area for 42 years, has written to police and crime commissioner (PCC) Matthew Barber on the issue.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, he said: "There have been quite a few stabbings in east Oxford recently.

Oxford Mail: Community champion.Community champion. (Image: Ed Nix)

"The problem is - you don't see any police around patrolling the area.

"The only time you'll see five or 10 police officers is after the incident.

"There used to be quite a lot around back in the days.

"Now there are no police anywhere - I don't see any police unless there's something wrong with my eyes.

Oxford Mail: Druce Way in Blackbird Leys.Druce Way in Blackbird Leys. (Image: Newsquest.)

"But any small incident and you'll see 10 police cars.

"If the PCC wants more police officers then I would say politely, let's crack on with it."

It comes as the Oxford Mail has launched an anti-knife campaign in response to multiple stabbings this year in the city.

Matthew Barber, PCC for Thames Valley, said: “I know people want to see more officers in their communities, which is why I continue to prioritise neighbourhood policing.

"There are more police officers in the Thames Valley than ever before and working with the chief constable we have been doubling the number working in neighbourhood roles.

Oxford Mail: Matthew Barber.Matthew Barber. (Image: Other.)

"We will recruit more than 100 additional police officers to help increase visibility and continue to cut crime. 

“Our Violence Prevention Partnership is key to tackling the root causes of violence and knife crime in particular."

Labour councillor for Blackbird Leys, Linda Smith, said: "Residents we spoke to during the local election campaign were sick to the back teeth of seeing drug dealing and drug taking and they worry about young people at risk of being involved in drug activity and knife crime.

Oxford Mail: Linda Smith.Linda Smith. (Image: Contribution.)

"We've reached out to the local neighbourhood police team to see how we can support their efforts on the estate and we will do our best to focus the resources of our councils where they are most needed locally.

"We want to provide positive activities for young people, support for people battling addiction, keeping parks and communal areas safe and clamping down on anti-social behaviour."

Jabu Nala-Hartley, a former councillor for Barton and Sandhills, has previously spoken out about her belief that a more reform-based approach is needed towards tackling crime after her son was involved in a stabbing last summer.

She added: "I want it (knife crime) to be a public health issue.

"Increasing police is more of a downstream approach."